Harnois Irrigation has chosen as its mission to put into place an operational structure totally dedicated to designing, selling and servicing mechanized irrigation systems.

Our objectives are to generating water, fuel and money savings for our customers; to excel in agricultural ground humidity control through irrigation; to be leaders in the field through our quality products and our innovations.

Our company


Rolland Harnois, working for his father Joseph, sells the first suction irrigation system. IRRIGATION ST-THOMAS is incorporated. The main activities are concentrated in selling irrigation systems and equipment for the tobacco growers in the Lanaudière region.


IRRIGATION ST-THOMAS sells and installs most of the irrigation systems used by the strawberry growers in Québec.


Design of North America’s first suction water spray system to protect tobacco plants from freezing.


Diversification into the manufacturing of greenhouses. IRRIGATION ST-THOMAS becomes Quebec’s first greenhouse manufacturer.


Irrigation St-Thomas changes its name to LES INDUSTRIES HARNOIS INC to better reflect its diversification.


Design of the first liquid manure distribution system with an irrigation cannon mounted on three-point base and pulling a flexible hose.


Designed and built the first boom for liquid manure distribution after initial growth. It is carried and delivered by a rigid tube traveler hose reel. This was a first in all the world.


Diversification into the manufacturing sector of large flexible shelters. Industries Harnois becomes one of the first manufacturer of large domes in North America.


Designed and built the only large irrigation booms in North America.


Creation of Harnois Irrigation Harnois Industries decided to concentrate their efforts in the manufacturing sectors of greenhouses and domes. The assets of the field mechanized irrigation division were transferred to Harnois Irrigation, a newly dedicated entity. Harnois Irrigation can now concentrate on what put Industries Harnois on the map and is proudly supported by the expertise of its founder, Rolland Harnois.


131 A Rang St-Charles, C.P.5365
St-Thomas de Joliette, QC