Irrigation: Yesterday, today and tomorrow

During the last 75 years, irrigation has evolved tremendously. From loss insurance due to droughts to sowing protection against freezing, all systems were portable until 1970. After the pipe systems, that had to be moved manually, came what was considered as the revelation of the time for large surface fields: mobile cannons pulled by hose reels.

Today's agricultural producers must take into account the « WEE » :

Reduce WATER consumption
Reduce ENERGY consumption (i.e. fossil fuel)
Protect the ENVIRONMENT by limiting fertilizer run-offs

Today’s modern irrigation systems must use low pressure equipment that allows a greater uniform distribution of water and a higher efficiency all the while improving yields. Savings are the thus obtained.

Repair service

We offer a repair service for most of the following mechanized irrigation equipment :

  • Hose reels

  • Pivots

  • Harnois and Ocmis booms

  • Pumps, motorized pumps and various fittings

Installation services

We offer an installation service for the following equipment

  • Pivots

  • Pumping stations

  • Filtering and water intake stations

  • Underground pipes and hydrants

Irrigation system design

An irrigation system is like a tailor-made suit. Our experience in designing personalized irrigation systems will convert your project into a functional and efficient system. Our design and analysis service will put forward systems that will meet your needs and budget.

What is your situation?

  • Soil type, slope, climate

  • Crop and areas to be irrigated

  • Cost/benefit targets

  • System capacity (inches of rain per acre/24 hours)

  • Needs : irrigation, seeding, fertigation, water drainage

What are your concerns?

  • Water more acres with the same amount of water as before…

  • Reduce your energy costs…

  • Apply water more evenly…

  • Obtain higher yields…

  • Fertilize more efficiently…

  • Protect the environment…

We are convinced that we can personalize an irrigation system that will be greatly beneficial for you. We will find the best irrigation answer for you.

Rental / Repair service

We offer a rental and repair service to help you protect your crops if your motorized pump, your hose reel or your boom cannot be repaired in time.

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